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Websites designed with the client requirements and to convert visitors into enquiries and sales. We take tremendous pride in delivering high-quality, creative work at very affordable price.

Swype Sign In

The days of the paper visitor sign-in book are long gone. Swype offers a simple alternative to traditional signing in processes and provides a form of record keeping that is efficient and practical.

Swype HRMS

HRMS (Human Resources Management System) offers businesses the ability to effectively and accurately manage their staff including sickness, leave, disciplinaries and training, all in one easy to use online space.


Swype signing in systems with Analytics, Creativity, Performance, Design


Reception and security staff can know at a glance how many people are in the building at any one time to ensure safety for all staff members.

Record keeping

Users can pull up records at any time to view staff and visitor movements that are accurate and up to date.

Time saving

Reception staff can focus on other duties, rather than signing in visitors - while the process of signing in is more streamlined and simple.